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Adult Programs

Personal Training

2015_1111_269Triple Jump offers one-on-one and semi private (2-3 people) training for men and women in the Greater Portland, Maine area to further inspire, motivate and educate you in your fitness quest.  Would you like to lose 10 pounds?  How about get stronger with more definition?  Perhaps it’s about having increased energy and self confidence to take on your day?  Take advantage of the unique Triple Jump program design that suits your needs, ensuring your exercise goals become a reality. (Club membership not required to train)

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Youth Athletic Performance Training

A2015_1111_231re you ready to take your game to the next level?  Training for optimal performance in sport is a process. Gain a competitive edge for your son or daughter by improving their biomotor abilities – strength, flexibility and power – leading to increases in agility, quickness, jumping ability and most importantly speed! Triple Jump Fitness will help your young athlete acquire specific athletic skills through a progressive system of training. The TJF Youth Performance Camps provide a positive and uplifting environment for each young athlete to develop both simple and complex motor skills. Our movement-based programs are individualized for all ability levels designed to enhance performance while decreasing the chances for injury in his/her particular sport(s).  CONTACT US at Triple Jump Fitness to learn how to Jump In!


Small Group Training

Join in a Core-Fit Boot C.A.M.P. where…Camaraderie – Attitude – Motivation – Passion – Success…are key!
Why not give yourself the same structure and focus of personal training for a fraction of the cost?  You’ll have the camaraderie of friends and peers working out alongside you.  Research has shown this to be one of the most effective ways to increase effort and self-confidence while working out.  Small group training can provide a more fun and comfortable training environment in which everyone benefits.  Come with a positive attitude and let us provide the same motivation and coaching we use with our one-on-one clients.

You can see enrollment sessions calendar for dates for 2017 here.  ENROLL HERE to reserve your spot!

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YOGA Mind-Fit

Our new Yoga Mind-Fit is a perfect blend of Yoga/Meditation, equal parts science and spirit. Yin yoga strengthens, lengthens, and hydrates the connective tissues throughout the body to maintaining proper mobility and flexibility as we age. Meditation improves the health of your brain and immune system, reduces blood pressure, and brings more awareness and energy to enjoy life, transform body, mind and spirit.

You can see enrollment sessions calendar for dates for 2017 here.  ENROLL HERE to reserve your spot!


See Pricing & Packages on our policies page.  We pro-rate into already started sessions, call for rate(s)



Run Club & Coaching

2015_1111_199Running Club  | Wednesdays 6:30-7:45 am at 

You’ve come to the right place to become a stronger runner in both a fun and motivating group setting.  Whether you partake in marathons, triathlons or just a recreational runner, the  TJF Running Club provides expertise for all levels of training.  Attention is given to technique and form cues, pacing, fueling strategies, goal setting and peaking for your specific race(s).  Come try us out one Wednesday morning if you’re interested in improving as a runner while meeting some new people in the process! We meet up at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland.



Here are some GREAT TIPS for beginner runners.

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