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Nutrition Recommendations Before, During and After Exercise

One of the most frequently asked questions by athletes is what food and fluid they should consume before, during and after exercise. Whether it is to improve performance or for weight loss, understanding is critical to begin planning accordingly. Everyone’s daily energy needs are different based on multiple factors. Due to work schedules, time constraints, […]

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Meal Planning for the Day….Less is More Right?

In terms of exercise, overtraining can be a very common occurrence in the gym.  Often we tell ourselves that more exercise must be better.  As long as we sweat and continue working out, the results will follow.  However, when it comes to nutrition, the thought process is usually the opposite.  The ‘less is better’ theory […]

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How to Make Our Time In the Gym a Worthwhile Endeavor

I recently met with an individual that had just joined as a new member to our gym. As is usually the case, I demonstrated four exercises to give him a taste of what I do with private clients as well as programming for our ATS small-group classes. He thought these exercises were effective and challenging; […]

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Are Egg Whites or Whole Eggs Better for You?

I remember the priority my graduate school classmates and I would place on making eggs a staple in our regular diet. “You have to eat eggs if you want to get stronger” was the common theme with many of us involved in exercise science or related fields. Yet despite this we were fearful of whole […]

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Does Muscle Really Weigh More Than Fat?

I overheard the same statement twice this past Friday in the men’s locker room. Both individuals mentioned that muscle weighed more than fat. I’ll admit prior to knowing anything about exercise science, this seemed to be a logical statement for me as well. However, a pound is a pound, whether it be muscle, fat or […]

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Do We Really Need Carbs to Build Lean Muscle?

The answer to this question is a definite YES and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This is one of the most common nutritional mistakes anyone can make and will really hurt your long-term gains in the gym, both physically and aesthetically. Where does our body look first when needing energy for strength training? You […]

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