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November 2015

“Should my child lift weights?” is a question I’ve been asked many times over the years.  Commonly I’ll respond saying a young child can begin resistance training as early as his/her attention span allows for it.  This does NOT imply lifting heavy weights.  It should include bodyweight exercises (i.e. calisthenics), medicine balls, resistance bands, body bars and even light dumbbells.  Furthermore, if strength training is coached by a certified professional, it can provide large benefits for both performance and injury prevention, all while keeping things fun. Youth strength training should be

Muscle Knots, also known as trigger points or adhesion's, tend to be very common among fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Essentially these are areas of tension that develop within our muscles from various types of stress we put on the body.  This is most commonly seen due to physical overuse and/or injury.  However, a sedentary lifestyle can be an equal culprit.  When a muscle is stretched out too much (like slouching forward behind a desk 8 hours a day) it will respond by going into spasm so it can’t be