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4 Benefits of Working Out in a Group Setting

There’s no question, it’s hard to workout on your own and stay consistent at home.   As a mom of 4, have a puppy and biz women, I get it. We get distracted by our kids, house cleaning, the phone and everyday things to do list.

Why don’t I just do my workout at home?

I’ve heard this question a time or two, but I always say that working out in a group setting is different than being at home and watching a video. The research shows that you’re going to see more benefits by getting out and working out in a group setting.

We are in an app-crazy world where it’s so easy to put on a video and not even finish doing it. By coming to a set class, your opportunity to have results is so much greater. Isn’t that the goal?

Here are a few great benefits to heading to a small group class.

  1. Make Friends

My classes become so close knit, it’s amazing. Everybody gets to know everyone in a special way. We know who just had a baby, who went on a big trip, and who’s going through a hard time. It’s almost like family bonding.

When I first started our program, it was just a small core group of six women, that came together for the same purpose to workout with friends in a space that loves families.

We now go to baby showers together. We celebrate each other’s kids birthdays and our friendships have grown.

Group training is really all about the relationships you build and you can’t do that when you’re laying on your living room floor doing a plank pose alone.

  1. Built in Accountability

You know those times where you don’t feel like working out?

When you have a friend to check in with, you end up coming. That is what a big part of fitness is all about, showing up.Training in a group setting increases commitment because of the accountability.

When you come to a group class consistently, you get the opportunity to grow in a comfortable, fun environment. Plus, competition makes you perform better. When you see your friends working hard, you’ll do the same.

It’s so much easier to make excuses about working out when you’re at home where Netflix is one button away. With a group class on your schedule, you’ll less likely to miss a workout. You know that you’ll be missed if you don’t show up, so you want let things go and lose your good fitness habits.

  1. Motivation

Camaraderie is a big part of finding the motivation to get through a really good workout. Like we say about our Core-Fit Boot C.A.M.P., Camaraderie – Attitude – Motivation – Passion – Success are key!

In group training, you get the same focus as personal training, but with the added camaraderie of friends and peers to keep you moving forward.

Studies have shown that working out with a group is one of the best ways to increase your effort and self-confidence while working out. 

All you have to do is come and join us!

  1. Support & Variety

You’re not going to get much variety in your workout when you’re just at home with your dumbbells. When your workouts get to repetitive, not only are you bored, but you aren’t growing.With a professional trainer in a group setting, you’ll get the variety you need to grow without doing all the work to find new moves.

How are you going to be able to keep your form on point when you’re at home without an instructor.

Coming to class ensures that your form is good and you’re working out effectively. This ultimately makes your workout safer! 

If you’re interested in trying group training for yourself with our boot camp classes, check out the special introductory deals we have now!