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5 Keys to Rapid Fat Loss

Rapid fat loss has been a debatable topic for some time. At the most basic level, weight loss is all about expending more calories than you take in. Science folks will tell you that losing weight too fast is dangerous and bad for your health. Meanwhile the media constantly tells us we can lose as much as we want. Like many things in life, moderation is the key and the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.

1. Intensity Over Duration
Regarding exercise, it is always smarter to choose shorter duration/higher intensity workouts over longer duration/lower duration work. Higher intensity exercise improves both aerobic and anaerobic energy production. Anything we do above our anaerobic threshold will bring into play multiple hormones that promote fat loss. Think about this next time you’re deciding between jogging for 45 minutes versus performing Tabata intervals.

2. Keeping Your Carb Intake Low
Cutting back (NOT eliminating) on carbs is an excellent strategy to lose more fat in a short period of time. The pairing of strength training with a portion-controlled-carbohydrate diet is the best way to maximize results. Overall, the more fat you have to lose, the less complex carbohydrates you should eat. Try to tightly monitor your starch (rice, potatoes, etc.) intake while increasing lower carbohydrate-dense foods (vegetables, berries, etc.).

3. Keep it Short
When setting a rapid fat loss goal, make it short (4-6 weeks) with a finite ending point. It should be short enough where you can be all in while long enough that you can see measurable results. To be successful you need to push your body to a period of overreaching. Think of this as a type of planned and controlled overtraining. Ultimately you are creating stress on your body that forces it to grow and adapt. If it’s over the top however, your body will go into survival mode and begin storing calories….THINK moderation!!

4. Keep Your Biochemistry Optimized
Strength training elicits big changes in your biochemistry that you should take advantage of. Really focus on your workouts and look for every advantage you can get. This includes preloading the body with amino acids prior to training (Prograde BCAA) while having your largest complex carbohydrate meal directly after training. Vitamins and minerals are an invaluable (Progade VGF 25+ for Men/Women) part of this plan as well.

5. Get Adequate Sleep
Sleep directly impacts hormones that play key roles in fat loss – growth hormone, cortisol, leptin and adiponectin. The negative impacts on sleep deprivation are immediate, as just a few nights of poor sleep can wreak havoc on your appetite hormones. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night, keep your hunger hormones in check, and you’ll lose more weight.