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5 Keys to Making a Major Shift in Your Life

One of the most exciting things about life is making changes to shift into the next level of growth and opportunity. I attended Amber Lilyestrom’s Soul Fueled Summit  yesterday to think about what’s next for Triple Jump Fitness. You see, we work with a coach even though I am a coach and this is because it helps us see the big picture. We really look at Triple Jump Fitness and where we want to go with it.

As we expand, we are constantly thinking about how we can accommodate our client’s needs. Our intention is to bring more value. The ultimate goal now in the fitness industry is to be able to offer a well-rounded concept of health. It’s not just about doing that one class or session, but helping our clients meet their individual desires. We’re becoming more passionate about helping people meet those dreams in a broader sense. Health is a whole package and not a one-of a kind of thing.

While we’ve been working on exciting changes at Triple Jump Fitness to offer you a better experience, I’ve thought about the shifts that you must be making in your life. Major changes aren’t made overnight whether you’re working with a company or your own health. They’re built and planned. We like to sit down map out where our clients want to go. Is it to lose weight or is it to get off medication? Is it to get ready for a graduation or a wedding?

Let’s make these major shifts together. Below I’m sharing what I’ve learned to be the keys of making a major change in your life. Consider how you can take these steps to get closer to reaching your next level.

  • Identify Your Goal + Your Blocks

Before you can make your first move to achieve a specific goal, you need to know very clearly what that goal is. How can you progress toward something if you don’t know where you’re going? Spend time to open your mind and envision the life you see for yourself. Then, evaluate what’s blocked you before and make a plan to get over that obstacle.

  • Remove Negativity

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I can’t do this because I’m too old,” or “I can’t because I don’t have time,” you’re preventing yourself from even imagining your goal. You need to get rid of any negativity if you want to make great progress. It’s a state of mind.

  • Exercise More Often

We all know that exercise allows us to get rid of any stuck feeling. Many find excuses not to do it, but exercise actually helps reduce anxiety or stress. Instead of spending a lot of time talking about that negative energy, get it out with exercise.

  •  Build a Support Network

Within the Triple Jump Fitness gym, we’ve built a community of like-minded people. I also find this when I go to events like the Soul Fueled Summit. Being around people who are getting inspired and motivated helps you feel the same.

  • Take Small Steps

Start with baby steps. Don’t take on the world! With moms who’ve been through 9 months of gaining all this weight, they’ll sometimes come in and want to look like a model. That’s not going to happen immediately. It took 9 months to get there. Or if you want to run and wish you could run a 4-hour marathon. It’s not going to happen right away. It takes time.

I’m very eager when I’m working and I want it all done right now, but it’s happening in baby steps. Some days I have amazing breakthrough, others I’m down. I just have to be patient because something will come from it. It can come for you, too. Let’s start today!