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6 Running Tips for a Successful Taper

I just got back from an easy run late this afternoon. It was hot and humid. I was really struggling with getting out there. My day just was not going the way I had planned. One thing after another was getting in the way.


Then, after a last minute coffee meeting with my dear friend Heidi Symonds, the ‘Healthy Godmother told me to be…Gentle with Myself!  I just over came it and so grateful I did.


For me, I tend to run myself at high speed in everything I do. And beat myself up for when things don’t happen as planned. Why I love to run…for the downloads I get each time, like this afternoon.


I was thinking about my race, the Beach To Beacon coming up this Saturday. About all the friends and families that come out to race and cheer everyone on. And, how I love to coach others train to run this race and others.


While you can’t change your fitness level drastically between now and race day, there are some factors you can control. Having sound equipment, good nutrition, proper pacing and a positive mental outlook will ensure you have your best race experience.


Below are a few points that help me get to the finish line as quickly and efficiently as possible. I’d love to have you join me  and others these next 7 days into the taper to race day and post race recovery. Check out these tips and join me over at my Facebook  page to begin!


1: Start fueling for the race days prior.

– Start fueling properly 24-48 hours before the race actually starts.

– You should actually reduce portion sizes, go light on the pasta dinner and be sure to include protein in all meals.

– Plan to finish your pre-race dinner 10 hours before you plan to eat your pre-race breakfast.

– Drink water as you would on any normal day?



2: Plan to finish your morning meal 3 hours before the race starts.

– Have 25-30% protein, 50% carbs & 20% fat for your morning meal.

– Eat smart, don’t try anything different


3: Race day nerves?…don’t over drink.

– Only sip water to quench your thirst as necessary 10-15 minutes before start, sip and or take a gel for fuel replacement       before the start.


4: Know the course.

– Note the start and finish. If there the day before, drive or bike the course is ideal.


5: Don’t Just Stand There—Warm Up in the morning

– Get your heart rate up to aerobic zone for eight to 20 minutes before the race

– Do a dynamic warm up.


6: Have a race plan.

– If you have done a race recently, we can calculate what you could be close to with a race calculator.

– Be careful, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and go out too fast.

– Also weather can play a big role into pacing. Back off if it is too hot.

– Stand in a pace that is close to or slightly faster than planned so you don’t have to go around too many people.


Have a Happy Race!