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Balancing Parenthood and Health

The biggest issue that moms tend to forget is taking care of themselves first. Remember when you get on an airplane and they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first? As moms, we tend to our kids, our husbands, our dog and our house all before ourselves.

But when you start taking care of yourself first, you’re in a happier place, you feel good, and your whole family is going to feel that.

Our Fit-Family Boot Camps make it easier to take care of yourself when you have little ones at home. I don’t know of anywhere else where moms can come and get a workout, while the kids come and they’re playing at the same time.

Here’s how balancing parenthood and taking care of yourself and your health come together.

  1. You become a better role model.

When you take care of yourself and work on your health, you’re also being an amazing role model for your children. We all know that all eyes are on you as a parent and when you recognize that being a role model of health and wellness is important, you’ll find it easier to make that a priority in your life. Imagine the difference in what your kids will learn if you’re getting out and being fit. You’ll be a role model of making fitness fun, making it a part of your lifestyle and being healthy.

  1. You progress at your own pace.

If you’re a brand new mom who has just gone through the miracle of having a baby, you are likely at a different physical level from before. This is a unique stage of health, being potentially deconditioned and having undergone intense physical changes. Combining this new stage of parenthood with health can seem like a challenge, so at our Fit-Family Boot Camps, everything is in progressions. We have the low, medium, and high level, so moms can be incorporating in a class and still feel good about they’re doing.

As a new mom, there are certain limitations in the beginning stages after having a baby, but that doesn’t mean that exercise is impossible. At Fit-Family Boot Camps, we focus on incorporating proper alignment, proper techniques, and safe progressions, so you can be improving your technique and progressing during the recovery process.

  1. You connect with your baby.

Getting healthy as a parent doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. In fact, no sitter is required. You can actually use your baby like a piece of equipment while you’re working out in a Fit-Family Boot Camp. This is a fun way to interact with your children while you’re taking care of yourself and have fun doing it!

  1. You and your kids socialize.

Being healthy can be a very social thing with all of the camaraderie between everybody. It almost becomes like a playgroup. In fact, I like to call it a playgroup with a purpose. You’re actually socializing while you’re working out and the kids are having this amazing time playing and working out, not thrown into a daycare. It’s also more economical than trying to get a babysitter, then get to the class, and get back because your kids are with you here.

During our Fit-Family Boot Camps, the kids are actually all around us while we are having a class. The space is like a gymnastic center so they might be in the ball pit, on the bars, going across the balance beams, or swinging on the rings. The whole space is wide open for them while the moms are working out in the same space. The kids obviously have a lot of fun while in the space. They are getting exercise. It’s like an indoor playground for them.

The goal of our Fit-Family Boot Camps is to make it easier for moms balancing parenthood and health. Even if you don’t have a sitter, you can still work out. You can succeed in your role as a role model and take care of yourself while doing it!