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3 Top Cheat Foods for Fat Loss

There are many, many diets out there.  Whichever it is, human weakness is a reality for all that participate.  Yes, I’m talking about cheating…. and NOT the relationship kind.  Trust me though; there is a silver lining here.  Including cheat meals in your plan is a way for your body to get what it needs.  The key is remaining strong in the process.  Don’t let feelings of guilt begin to fester, leading to more bad food choices that ultimately sabotage your long-term weight-loss goals.  Just eat the cheat food, forget it and keep moving forward!  Moderation is key if you want to go the distance….

Temptation is always there wherever you go, especially when you’re dieting.  Candy, cakes, doughnuts, Ben & Jerry’s….you name it; these favorites aren’t going away anytime soon.  Your best bet is following the 90/10 rule – stay with your diet 90% of the time and enjoy a cheat meal the other 10%.  It’s unrealistic to think you’ll deprive yourself of certain foods the rest of your life.  Use a cheat meal to your benefit instead.  How?  They should be low to moderate in bad fats.  They should also contain good carbs that promote fat burning and good digestion.

  1. Plain Pizza

The first order of business is making sure it contains wheat crust.  Overall you’re getting healthy carbs and other nutrients important for health.  Case in point: the tomato sauce which contains the vitamin lycopene, aiding both heart and eye health.  Hold the processed meats, sausages and pepperoni.  Instead load it with vegetables, limit a serving to one or two slices, and now you’re getting the vitamins and minerals critical for proper functioning.

  1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are a great low calorie, low-fat food loaded with micronutrients necessary for proper cellular functioning.  Add some dark chocolate and you’ve got a tasty yet healthy cheat snack.  The dark chocolate has antioxidants and flavonoids which fight free radical damage (help with normal cellular functioning).  Combine the vitamins and minerals of the strawberries with the benefits of dark chocolate and you’ve got a great one-two punch to control inflammation and better protect the body’s cells.

  1. Dark Beer (Guiness)

Guiness may be the popular choice, but this selection includes any dark beers.  They contain more flavonoids and antioxidants than light beer.  Again, this may go a long way towards reducing free radical damage while providing health benefits to the body.  Just make sure you keep this to ONE BEER to take advantage of those nutrients.  Anything beyond this may cause dehydration, hangovers and even weight gain.

When it comes to dieting, some days are harder than others when trying to stick to a plan.  However, including cheat meals are key to helping you stay the course.  Ultimately they may increase your motivation by breaking the boredom of a normal diet, squash cravings and trick the body into boosting the metabolism all at the same time.