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Transforming Your Health + Home to
Take Back Control of Your Life!





Are you feeling burnt out and tired?  You know that taking care of your health & family is so important, but you are stuck at home working and or teaching your kids remote learning.

How are you to get a solid workout without going to the gym, limited time, and have little or no equipment?


Who will utilize the room or home gym space? How much area are you able to dedicate for you + your wellness space?

What pieces do you know you need & what fitness equipment have you enjoyed utilizing the most? Are you open to learning about new ideas?

When you think about your future home space, do you want it to reflect a particular look, or simply blend into a greater look and feel of your home in general?


These are just a few questions to consider when planning your home design space.




Where to start and what to consider?

Designing a functional home gym or office or any room in your home can be both exciting and overwhelming given the latest in trends, styles, colors and technology. Our 5 F.I.T. (Functional Inspired Tools) Step Process will guide you through making optimal choices about the space you consider to take advantage of, the equipment you purchase, and the way in which it all is customized to your needs.

We balance in home design and your ultimate goals with your personal preferences. Our intent is to establish an energizing space to suit you needs or train your body and mind each day. Your home environment should serve as a place to retreat and invest in the well being of yourself and family.

The design + staging process is to be an uplifting and motivating home space that requires a multifaceted approach from the floor coverings, equipment, lighting, artwork, mirrors, and digital training guidance.

Whether you are undertaking a renovation, refreshing paint colors, or redecorating, let’s create a space you LOVE!!


Where to start and what to consider? Designing a new home space can be both exciting and overwhelming given the latest in trends and fitness technology. Our 30 minute zoom call session will begin to guide you through making smart decisions about the space you consider for a refresh, the right furnishings to consider, and the way in which it all can come together. COMPLEMENTARY INTRO CALL

A 90 min. 'Consult to Concept' tour in person or virtually allows us to incorporate the fundamentals of functional design and energizing aesthetics into your space. We will help design an uplifting and motivating home space that highlights your ultimate goals. Floor coverings, artwork, mirrors, and digital training guidance are all part of our process. INVESTMENT $297

You're ready to take back control of your health and dedicate a functional space in your home but, you're struggling with the vision or the time to complete it. That's where we come in. We will craft your home space and help transform your health. As we plan together the perfect design space to save you time, meet your budget and fit your goals in the heart of your home. INVESTMENT STARTS AT $497

Top Mistakes to
Avoid When Designing a Home Gym


The best way to increase your fitness levels is to build a home gym. Having exercise equipment right in your own home can make working out far more convenient. But if you plan on making home fitness a priority, you'll want to avoid making mistakes when creating your personal workout space.