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Pack Once, Eat for a Week!

#1 Plan, Pick, Prep & Pack Once, Eat for a Week!

This past Sunday morning would have been better to catch up on my sleep or cozening up on the couch for a Netflix marathon but instead I trekked out to the supermarket. One quick trip is less stressful and time-consuming than attempting to navigate the produce section and express lane multiple weeknights after work. And if you go with an organized grocery list and meal plan, you never have to stare into your fridge wondering, “What’s for dinner?” or resort to take-out.  Then more time with the family! This was my first go around and now, I’m so excited to come up with a new menu for next week. I’ll keep you posted!  Let me know if you are interested in more…contact here!

Let’s go shopping. Pick up the following:
1 16 oz. Whole grain penne pasta
2 Bags brown rice with veggie medley-Trader Joes
16 – Turkey meat balls cut in halved
24 oz. spaghetti sauce
2 sweet potato
1.5 lbs. fresh salmon baked with teriyaki  sauce/ sprinkle with sesame seeds
3-3.5 lbs. boneless chicken breasts – grilled/diced
3 Trader Joe Beef or Chicken Burritos
1 lb – Garden green beans- blanched
1 head of broccoli – cut and steamed
1 can of black beans
1 jar of salsa
1 bag frozen Lima beans
Parmesan cheese
Mixed greens , veggies and lite dressing for dinner salads

5-Day Meal Plan, Prep & Pack into containers for :

1 cup Grilled Chicken diced, 10 Green beans, ½ cup Brown rice medley with toss salad at dinner

Beef burrito, salsa to taste,  ½ cup black beans & toss salad at dinner.

4-6 oz Baked salmon, 10 Green Beans, ½ cup Brown rice with side toss salad at dinner.

1 cup of cooked pasta, 4 Turkey meat balls/sauce, side Toss salad at dinner.

1 cup Grilled Chicken, ½ sweet potato, ½ cup Lima beans, side Toss salad at dinner.