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I’ve been talking about self-care a lot on Instagram and I know how difficult it is for women to prioritize themselves. But you have to take care of yourself before you can fully support others. In order to be that good wife, mom, or self, we’ve got to start taking care of ourselves. What does that look like? I spent this weekend at the Portland Mom & Baby Expo where I’m an exhibitor and a big contributor. Seeing all these women and their beautiful babies got me thinking more about self-care

Enter most gyms nowadays and you’ll find just about everyone with a water bottle. If not, he or she will still make frequent stops to the water fountain.   There is a general sense that drinking water is important while working out, but do we know just how critical it is to our overall health and performance? The roles of water in the body are invaluable. Think of it as the body’s transportation system, allowing chemical reactions to take place inside the 200+ types of human cells. It provides structure and support