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The Top 9 Foods to Curb Hunger

Time and time again people remark that they never feel “filled up” while dieting.  He or she finds themselves hungry all the time, or at least between eating meals and snacks.  Despite this common assessment, there are ‘healthy’ foods out there so packed with nutrition and calories that you won’t have to experience those hunger pangs again.  An added bonus: feelings of satiety increase the chances of sticking with a diet. No more one step forward and two steps back….include these foods to keep you full.  



  • Avocados

These can really improve meal satisfaction.  Rich in monounsaturated fats, avocados can fill you up for hours, help you burn fat, raise ‘good’ cholesterol levels and improve cellular health. 


  • Beans

Full of fiber, beans leave you with a feeling of fullness so you’re less likely to want to eat more.  This fiber contains resistant starches that improve cholesterol, gut health and blood sugar.


  • Nuts

Providing a good balance of protein, fat and fiber.  Combined, these all work to control appetite and fill the body up with energy.


  •  Oats

Considered a very dense food (viscosity), oats increase the feeling of fullness.  Their high fiber content helps to control hunger and blood sugar leading to reduced cravings.  


  • Potatoes

Many of us are fearful of potatoes due to the carb content.  However they may be one of the most satisfying foods out there due to its fiber, vitamins and minerals and high-quality starch.


  • Water

Many people can mistake dehydration for hunger which can be remedied by drinking water.


  •  Eggs

Filled with protein, healthy fats and essential compounds (i.e. choline), they will help curb the appetite and increase satiety hormones in the body.


  • Coffee

The caffeine and antioxidants found in coffee are key.  This combination can help stimulate the metabolism while also suppressing the appetite.  


  • Dark Chocolate

It contains stearic acid which naturally slows digestion, keeping you feeling fuller longer.

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