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Triple Jump Fitness

Where Fitness  Becomes Your Lifestyle


About Triple Jump Fit Studio



We’re Kim & Tim.

And we’re here to help you aspire to feel stronger in your body and mindset. Ditch the habits that keep you stuck, tired, unhappy, and unhealthy.

We’re Certified Fitness, Empowered Life, and Wellness Coaches here to help you revitalize your health by building strength, moving more, and eating sustainable food well.


Struggling with your metabolism, have gut issues, or overall body composition?
Looking for a safe and non-competitive activity for your child to gain confidence?

Facing a health issue makes it even harder to reach your wellness goals or even unsure how to start?

Ready for real change but need the tools & guidance to help get you there?



If your answer is YES, we need to connect!

Join Triple Jump Fitness to
Live Fit, Be Active & Feel Strong
In Your Body and Mindset



Triple Jump Fitness was created in 2012 to develop a pathway for families to “jump” from one fitness level to another based on age ranges and specific workout needs throughout their lives.

The concept differed from anything we had experienced before in our extensive fitness and personal training backgrounds. We were excited to bring our own family-centered fitness philosophy to our clients.


Triple Jump offers training for men and women to inspire further, motivate, and educate you in your fitness quest.

Would you like to lose 10 pounds?  How about getting stronger with more definitions?  Perhaps it’s about having increased energy and self-confidence to take on your day.

Take advantage of the unique Triple Jump program design that suits your needs, ensuring your exercise goals become a reality. 

2015_1111_280 (1).jpg


Why not give yourself the same structure and focus of personal training for a fraction of the cost?  You’ll have the camaraderie of friends and peers working out alongside you.

Research has shown this to be one of the most effective ways to increase effort and self-confidence while working out. Small group training can provide a more fun and comfortable training environment in which everyone benefits.

Gary Howard,
Falmouth, ME

“We take classes, participate in a run club, hold kids birthday parties here, and train one on one with the trainers of TJF. We love that we have become a fit family through the help of the staff of TJF."

Beth Rovnak,

Portland, ME

They create customized workout plans just for me. I am always challenged to work my hardest, meet my goals and improve. Staying fit, strong & healthy are important goals for me.

Andrew Magoun,

Cumberland, ME

Without my time at TJF I would not have been able to start running again or compete in multiple half-marathons and triathlons or take up mountain biking.  

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